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Kelly’s Whitewater Park 2011 Competition

Kelly’s Whitewater Park 2011 Competition

Jul 12, 2011

Today I competed in my first freestyle kayaking competition since the 2005 Teva Mountain Games. I didn’t do as well as I could have, but had a great time competing and seeing old friends. It’s amazing watching how strong some the paddlers have gotten, and it has definitely gotten me fired up to work on my own freestyle skills.

Dane Jackson, Bryan Kirk, and EJ were all paddling exceptionally well. This brief video shows some of the day’s action.

I didn’t make finals, and headed back to Boise to pack up for my trip to California. It’s tough leaving Idaho when everything is still so high here, but California has some fine boating awaiting.

On my way home, I passed a posse of paddlers charging down the North Fork of the Payette River. I stopped to film them at Bouncer then filmed and watched local ripper Seth Stoenner grease Jacob’s Ladder. This is a very rowdy rapid at this level (~4,000 cfs), and it was fun to watch him style it. Enjoy this short video, which does not do the river justice.

I stayed up late to get this post cranked out before leaving for California. When I get back from my two-week High Sierra paddling mission, I’ll have several more posts to add, so check back here towards the end of July for those stories.

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