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High Sierra Huck Fest 2011

High Sierra Huck Fest 2011

Jul 27, 2011

Rush Sturges running Skyscraper on South Silver Creek.

For creeking and river running, there’s no better place to spend the summer than California. This July I was fortunate enough to make a two-week pilgrimage to my home state, where I was able to knock off several big drops and classic runs with a strong group of motivated paddlers.

The heavy snow pack and mild weather has made 2011 an exceptional paddling year. The many high sierra California runs all tend to have short, staggered windows of navigable flows, but this year the windows were elongated, and the season was pushed back into the warmer months. In mid July we were able to paddle runs that would normally flow instead in early June.

The Author making an evening run down Rattlesnake Falls on the Royal Gorge.

I drove straight from Idaho to Yosemite where I met Rush Sturges, Ben Marr, Ben Brown, Matt Baker, Katie Scott, and Charlie Center at Tenaya Creek. After sliding down this amazing creek we spent the next two weeks paddling South Silver Creek, The Royal Gorge, Dinkey Creek, and Fantasy Falls. In between descents I based out of Camp Lotus, a campground run by Charlie’s parents on the South Fork of The American River near Coloma, CA.

Loading up the truck for the next adventure.

At the end of my exciting paddling hiatus, I was able to spend a day in Chico with my family, and catch up with some old friends. The trip was refreshing, and really got me fired up to commit the rest of this year to kayaking.

We gathered a TON of pictures and videos throughout the adventure, which I will release in subsequent blog posts here as I process it all. Also be on the look out for web updates from RiverRoots and BombFlow.

Enjoy this quick compilation of my head cam footage from the trip. I should have full vids for Tenaya, Royal, Dinkey, and Fantasy soon.

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