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Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust

Oct 4, 2011

It’s been a while since my last update here, which is a sign that I’ve been having too much fun. There has been a lot to see and do so far, and we’ve been making the most of every opportunity. After a week on the Gauley we visited Baltimore and New York before landing in Pennsylvania for some creeking. Unfortunately I didn’t last long in the flooded Amish State, and I’m now on the short road to recovery from a broken and lacerated nose.

To go back a bit, we were on our way North from West Virginia when we were invited on a mission to circumnavigate Manhattan at night in sea kayaks. We both jumped at this awesome and unique trip, and had an awesome time doing something neither one of us would have ever expected to do on this journey.

Times Square lights up the night sky as seen from the Hudson River.

After two nights of minimal sleep we left the Empire State for the rain-swollen rivers of Pennsylvania, where we were directed to the waterfall-studded Heberly Creek. It was amazing to wake up in Brooklyn, ride the subway to Grand Central Station, take a train to Connecticut, then drive to upstate Pennsylvania to run two 30-foot waterfalls capping off a full and unusual day.

Jesse Wilensky runs the big one on Heberly Run, PA.

A beautiful scene along Heberly Creek.

After our fun day on Heberly we headed East to meet Jared Seiler for what should have been an awesome day of creeking in the Delaware Water Gap. Unfortunately the day’s action was cut short partway into the classic Hornbecks Creek run. While routing down a twisting slide I was unexpectedly flipped over to my left. I continued over in that direction with my normal “wash-out ┬ároll” technique, but clipped my nose on the sharp river bottom as I rolled up.

Nose + Rock = Second hospital visit in two weeks. Time to buy a full-face helmet.

I immediately knew my nose was broken and a steady stream of blood began to pour from it, speckling the bow of my kayak red. I looked at Jared and Tyler as I caught the eddy below and they could see we’d be hiking out. We walked our boats the short distance back up to the car, then drove to the local hospital to get my nose checked and sewn up. The sharp riverbed had tried to rip my nose off, but fortunately it held on, and the efficient doctor further affixed it with 16 stitches.

Jared Seiler sliding into the goods on Hornbecks Creek a few drops above where I broke my nose.

So, here I am, catching up on “computer time” and enjoying the generous hospitality of the Seiler Family while my body repairs itself. The stitches come out tomorrow and I’ll be back in my boat as soon as the wounds are sealed enough to keep out the dirty river water. Fortunately for Tyler the rivers nearby are flowing well and he’s getting a great tour of the area-I look forward to rejoining him out there soon!

This sweet video by the Seiler brothers highlights some of the great creeking in the Delaware Water Gap. The rapid where I busted my nose features at the 1:45 mark. The crew has done a couple laps on the second creek while I’ve been laid up.

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