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Dan "Skippy" Simenc.


I have been in love with the sport of kayaking since I first took lessons with my family in California around age ten. Local “PaddleHead,” Dave Steindorf took my Mom, Dad, Brother, and I out on the Feather River near our home in Chico. Later that summer I spent a week at Otter Bar’s kids kayaking camp and really got hooked.

During the following summers my Dad and I would spend almost every weekend at various rivers around Northern California, with a few trips to Oregon, Idaho, and Southern California mixed in. By age fourteen I was ready for more, and my parents agreed to send me to Adventure Quest Kayak Academy for a year.

Surfing the Ottawa, Junior Year High School.

During that year, and the next three, I spent as many days in a kayak as possible on many rivers all throughout the world. I completed half of my high school years at a normal school in Chico, and the other half on the road kayaking. My devotion to the sport was further cemented during these years of continuous boating (100-300 days a year).

Posing by a boulder with my lovely wife Tabbi.

After graduating high school, I enrolled in Boise State University where I majored in math and economics and met my wife Tabbi (Check out her blog about life in Boise). Since graduating, I’ve stuck around Boise and enjoyed the city’s proximity to great outdoor resources for rock climbing, skiing, biking, and kayaking.

I continue to paddle as much as possible and created this site to document my adventures. Enjoy readingĀ and feel free to share any questions, comments or corrections with me. I look forward to meeting you on a river soon!

Dan Simenc


Wabena Falls, Royal Gorge, California.